For the last decade, we have been enabling organisations to harness advances in technology, reimaging and redefining how people (customers, users and delivery partners) derive maximum value from their technology investments. By combining business and technology strategies with pragmatic execution capabilities, we have enabled our clients to become more agile, aware, responsive, efficient, engaging and engaged.  


We focus on people, understanding their needs and putting them at the centre of everything that we design, build and configure. We are passionate about enabling people and organisations to excel and fulfil their potential. We will work with you to accelerate positive disruption, explore new ideas and different ways of using technology to create experiences that inspire greater productivity and deliver real business value. 


Our approach is to utilise the latest thinking in the design and delivery of integrated technology ecosystems to deploy flexible, scalable production ready business solutions that support, automate, augment and enhance your service delivery capabilities. Through the agile design, build and configuration of integrated ecosystem of scalable technology platforms, we help you to deliver responsive, high quality, fit for purpose and fit for use products that are better, faster and more cost effective. 


TOGETHER we will shape your preferred future and drive change that will deliver your business objectives and real business value.

About Us

Strategy IT Limited is a UK based consulting company with a different perspective on how to deliver technology enabled change. We believe that people deliver change and that technology enables and supports this change.

We listen to your big ideas and with our knowledge, experience and capability we help you to achieve your goals and deliver your objectives.

Our approach is to work with you to understand your nuanced and unique requirements, then together we will deliver value in a way that others cannot or will not.

Through our seamless integration and collaboration with your internal staff, we enable you to become self-sufficient by building your internal capability to support continuous change.

Our enthusiasm is contagious, our approach is collaborative, we share our knowledge, we encourage self-sufficiency and we have fun doing it.

Our Approach



It is about people, the people that work for us, the people that we work with. Our approach is about enabling our people to be the best that they can be so that they in turn enable and support you, your organisation and your customers to be the best that you can be.

Strategy IT Limited utilises an iterative and people centric approach to all its engagements. We work with organisations to build and deliver their projects utilising motivated internal staff, augmented by our specialist staff who ensure that we provide the support needed to build a confident and motivated delivery team that will continue to deliver value long after the project is completed.

We thrive when we collaborate, building relationships that help us to communicate better, respecting space and timing. We are enthusiasts of beginning with the end in mind and then looking backwards to see what we need to be doing today to achieve your aspirations (mission, vision, values and priorities) so that we can move step by step towards them. Everyone has a part to play in the shaping of experiences, has a sense of ownership and we learn from each other. It's a team sport and we work better together. 

We prioritise face to face communication as a more effective way to relay information within a team, ensuring that there is daily direct interaction between team member to maintain alignment, focus and joint ownership of deliverables.

We focus on delivering genuine business value, continuously evaluating the validity and progress of deliverables, responding appropriately to change and ensuring that the customer is actively involved as part of the team.

We focus on the people side of change because it is clear that the total value created by a project is directly related to the application and effectiveness of change management. The speed of adoption, level of utilisation and performance proficiency can be the difference between success and failure.


We do not for a second think this is about technology, we know it is about transforming your organisation and reaching your strategic optimum enabled by technology. We help you to disrupt, accelerate and build early momentum and then assist you to deliver full effectiveness and efficiency by cementing sustainable change. We ensure that only activities, capabilities and capacity critical to the achievement of customer outcomes, creation of value, functional and strategic objectives are undertaken. 

 Transformation is delivered by empowered people driving business change that is enabled by technology. We work with you to pinpoint the right innovation opportunities and experiences for your organisation. 

Our Services


Digital & Technology Strategy Development

Strategy IT takes a collaborative approach to helping you establish your digital aspiration, vision and strategy. We help you to explore digital opportunities, develop your road-map and digital investment themes identifying how best to leverage emerging technologies a way that is viable, realistic and deliver business and customer value. 

We help organisations define technology and digital strategy that is rooted in the overall business strategy....

Technology Enabled Transformation

Strategy IT supports organisations to deliver technology enabled transformation including modern workplace solutions, cloud adoption, customer experience and data analytics platforms. Adoption and change are given priority ensuring greater value, utilisation and proficiency of use of an integrated enterprise ecosystem that encompasses culture, people, processes and technology.

As environments and situations change, organisations must evolve in order to maintain or improve customer service levels or competitive advantage....

Enterprise Architecture

Digital transformation brings immense opportunities while simultaneously posing significant challenges for enterprises. The ability to leverage technologies effectively is going to be the key determinant of the performance gap between digital leaders who prosper and organisations that will be fighting for survival. Business and IT alignment has become more important than ever before as a means of tackling IT complexity, reducing IT cost, managing IT risks and accelerating digital transformation.   

When individuals, teams and technology underperforms, it hurts business performance and hinders innovation....

Our services combine business and industry insight with an intrinsic knowledge of advancements in information and digital technologies that are reshaping the way we all live and work. We have both the business and technical skills to provide the support you need to continue to succeed.

Our Expertise


Strategy & Advice

Working with you we will design strategies that are a means to an end and not an end in itself. It is our view that without execution the most beautiful strategy or comprehensive advice serves no purpose and therefore does not have any value. We ensure that the strategy and advice we provide can always be acted upon to deliver quick, incremental and sustainable results.

Our strategy and advice is specific and unique to each organisation and that organisation’s individual circumstances. Together we will identify, target and improve the elements of your business and operations that when facilitated by technology enablement will result in measurable performance improvement and a significant return on investment. We have an obsessive commitment to achieving results. Our practical expertise combined with your business knowledge will help to bring your vision and strategy to life.

Digital Transformation

Technology does not drive change, it provides the opportunity for people (employees and customers) to do things better, thus enabling change. Strategy IT focuses on a people-centred approach to digital transformation as technology is continuously evolving and value is gained by adapting and adopting new technology that enhances the business, rather than making the business fit the chosen technology. 

We enable and support your people and organisation to build the capability and capacity to take advantage of digital change and embed transformation into your organisation's culture. Digital transformation is a continuous journey, it is never done.  Technology changes and develops simultaneously with customer behaviour so a vital piece of transformation is constantly checking that it still serves a real customer need. Digital now permeates every part of business and personal life, it is our view that digital transformation is a core component of any business transformation.

Change Management

People deliver change and technology enables and supports this change. Our Prosci Certifiied Change Management practitioners will work with you using the Prosci Change Management Process which links on the people side of change to business benefit and ROI. Research has shown that effective change management results in a six times increase in project success. 

We will help improve your organisation's speed of adoption (how quickly the change is adopted into the organization and how well the project stays on schedule), utilization rate (the overall level of participation and ultimate utilization of the new processes, tools and job changes) and Proficiency (how employees perform in the new environment – are they achieving the expected performance levels?). Together we will ensure you have the right blend of capabilities to inspire and deliver change.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is used to identify and articulate the need for change, ensuring that requirements are defined to a good quality at the start, interpretation is based on unambiguous analysis and prioritisation is kept up to date as the details expands and evolves. It is our view that this is a critical component of all successful project delivery and as such organisation must invest in business analyst resource that can facilitate the relationship between the business and technical roles to ensure accurate and appropriate decisions are made throughout the project lifecycle. 

The value of business analysis is in enabling the realisation of benefits, avoidance of cost, identification of new opportunities, understanding of required capabilities and modeling the organisation into an effective and efficient entity. Our business analyst capabilities ensure that business needs are properly analysed and understood by all members of the project, our analyst support and facilitate communication and understanding between business and project resources.

Data Analytics & Insights

We believe that data is the life blood of modern day organisations and this data when harnessed and utilised appropriately delivers fresh perspectives that can add value to your business. Our approach is to help you make better use of the data that you already have, enabling you to make evidenced and informed decisions, allowing you to respond to changes. 

It is our view that predictive analysis without early and predictive intervention has limited value, so we focus on turning the insights from this analysis into actionable early interventions that deliver successful outcomes. We will help you to ensure that the data which is the basis of decisions and insights can be trusted and is of a high quality, accurate, consistent and reliable. The high quality analysis we bring can help transform data into your most dynamic asset, unleashing your ability to make the right decision, at the right time, in the right format enabling you to act faster, be more productive and improve performance.

Programme & Project Management

We adopt an agile approach the programme and project delivery, focusing on the wider business need and all aspects of the solution that evolves to meet that need. We take a common sense and pragmatic agile approach based on the DSDM Agile Project Framework. The DSDM approach means the business is able to direct development and take ownership of the solution as it evolves. 

Working closely and in collaboration with the project team we deliver projects on time and on budget whilst protecting quality, reducing the risk of building the wrong solution and enabling the smooth deployment of solutions that are fit for purpose. Our processes, tools and techniques help leverage resources, tools and technology to get everything from simple projects to complex programmes delivered well, in ways that build internal capabilities and buy-in.

We specialise in delivering technology enabled change. We understand technology, but more pertinently what makes us different is that we understand the value of align technology change to the people side of change. Digital transformation the Strategy IT way starts with people, not with technology. 

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Strategy IT Limited is a UK based consulting company with a different perspective on how to deliver technology enabled change. 

Strategy IT Limited

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