It is about people, the people that work for us, the people that we work with. Our approach is about enabling our people to be the best that they can be so that they in turn enable and support you, your organisation and your customers to be the best that you can be.

Strategy IT Limited utilises an iterative and people centric approach to all its engagements. We work with organisations to build and deliver their projects utilising motivated internal staff, augmented by our specialist staff who ensure that we provide the support needed to build a confident and motivated delivery team that will continue to deliver value long after the project is completed.

We thrive when we collaborate, building relationships that help us to communicate better, respecting space and timing. We are enthusiasts of beginning with the end in mind and then looking backwards to see what we need to be doing today to achieve your aspirations (mission, vision, values and priorities) so that we can move step by step towards them. Everyone has a part to play in the shaping of experiences, has a sense of ownership and we learn from each other. It's a team sport and we work better together. 

We prioritise face to face communication as a more effective way to relay information within a team, ensuring that there is daily direct interaction between team member to maintain alignment, focus and joint ownership of deliverables.

We focus on delivering genuine business value, continuously evaluating the validity and progress of deliverables, responding appropriately to change and ensuring that the customer is actively involved as part of the team.

We focus on the people side of change because it is clear that the total value created by a project is directly related to the application and effectiveness of change management. The speed of adoption, level of utilisation and performance proficiency can be the difference between success and failure.

We do not for a second think this is about technology, we know it is about transforming your organisation and reaching your strategic optimum enabled by technology. We help you to disrupt, accelerate and build early momentum and then assist you to deliver full effectiveness and efficiency by cementing sustainable change. We ensure that only activities, capabilities and capacity critical to the achievement of customer outcomes, creation of value, functional and strategic objectives are undertaken.